Tuesday, June 23, 2009

School's End

Well, tomorrow wraps up another year for my kids at school. Wow...I have no idea where this year has gone. I guess the better part of the harsh winter I was tied up with my dad's ailments, but aside from that, I must have blinked too long because I missed it! Once again, I am excited about this summer's activities. From now until my wedding in October, we are going to be busy. I have a retreat planned with one of my best buddies! We are going to a women's bootcamp retreat for 6 glorious days! There'll be hiking, yoga, sweatlodges, women's workshops, breathwork, African dancing, aromatherapy and so on. Sounds so empowering doesn't it? We, my family and I, do a bootcamp here at home where we do sets of walking, squats, lunges, push ups, sit ups, step ups, up and down the bleachers and so on. We plan on keeping it up as many days as possible all summer. We are also planning a few camping weekends with our little family and that will be a new adventure for us. We usually head to someone's cabin , rather than staying in a campsite, so that will be so much fun for all of us! I am helping put a school cookbook together this summer so there'll be lots of typing. I am also co-chair to our parent conference that we will be hosting in the fall. And my mini-college reunion is also happening this year so there's always a chance for some all nighter Kaiser tournaments. Busy summer.....that's for sure! While it all sounds jam-packed with activities, I know there'll also be time for some quieter moments too. We actually disconnected our Satellite programming for the summer so there will be time for lots of exploring, lots of frog catching and lots of laughs. Yes, I am feeling the little heart palpitations of not having the tv available for the times I need to unwind or for the times my children need a moment as well. Guess we'll be reading more books and having more cuddle sessions! I know there'll also be some softer times so I can meditate and continue on my path as an energy therapist. I am looking forward to summer this year for so many obvious reasons and I plan to enjoy it one day at a time. Winter was hectic, hopefully summer will go by just a wee bit slower. Enjoy your summer and remember to take time to slow down....really enjoy it...rain or shine! Be grateful for whatever kind of weather as each moment is a moment for adventure and exploration, rather than one of disappointment and anger. Here's to summer bliss......M

Monday, June 8, 2009

Foot In Mouth Moments

Now, anyone who knows me, knows that I'd rather step in front of the bus than let anyone else be hurt. It's been my nature for as long as I can remember, although my brothers would probably tell you otherwise in discussing our childhood. But aside from those personality developing years, I'm really careful about what I say and I usually always try to put others' feelings first. However....once in a while I slip up and the words are out before I think about the ramifications of what I just said. Usually it's in respect to my kids who I let drive my bus on many occasions, but there are those times when I blurt things out when I'm in the driver's seat. Things I wish I could take back but just can't. I guess we all do that once in a while but I am not fond of those moments in myself. I've worked hard on being in a place where I honor and respect others and wish them only life's best. So when I mess up and cross the line into their lives, I have a hard time forgiving myself. I beat myself up pretty bad when I know I've stepped on someone's toes or interfered with their stuff. I know I am not alone in this, I know there are others who beat themselves up too and have regrets. I guess the only thing we can do when this happens is to step out of our misery and fear and try to rectify the situation. Say "I'm sorry" and learn from it. Man oh man, those life lessons can be difficult sometimes, can't they? I would never intentionally hurt anyone and if I do, because of an error in my judgment, I am sadly disappointed in myself. I do feel that my job on Earth is to make people's lives better...in a kind and gentle way....not by interfering in their journeys. I can only hope that if I have stepped on your toes, be it in any way, you accept my humblest apologies and understand that I have only love in my heart for you and wish only smiles, laughter, love and joy for you. This is my deepest wish for everyone......M