Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Can I Do It?

Inspiration comes in all forms, I've noticed and from all directions. Some of our friends have, as a family, taken on a huge challenge. The 12 year old son gave up computers, tv AND video games for a year and the daughter gave up chocolate. Their reward, and they earned it, was that their mother treated them to an all expense paid trip to Edmonton for the weekend. That got us thinking in this house. While not everyone is on board yet, my oldest and I decided to give it a whirl. Our challenge starts this week. She is giving up chocolate and pop. My challenge is to give up chocolate and potato chips. We may also include an exercise factor in that challenge. We haven't quite decided on a grand prize yet as we are waiting to see if the rest of the family is coming on board. I'm a little concerned here.....I love chips. Chocolate is no biggie, really...but chips? Holy man, I don't know if I can do it. A year without chips? How will I quiet those hungry chip monsters that reside deep down in my body...the ones that whisper oh so quietly.."Go buy some chips"...then get louder as the day goes on until I finally break down and buy the chips. How will I shush those voices? What will I do with my hands when I'm sitting down to a movie? How will I manage at get togethers where the bowls of chips are endless? How will I pass time in the vehicle on those long, long trips? Panic is starting to set in, I think. I want to go buy some chips and eat the whole bag right now, just in case I forget what they taste like. Good thing it's late at night and the stores are closed. A year seems like forever right now. I'm sure my girl is feeling the same way about her challenge. Not that we drink much pop in this house, but she likes to get her fix when she can. A year...hhmmmm. Well, I agreed to it and I will stick to it. Good thing we have EFT to help us out. Not sure I'd be able to do it without EFT. Can you do me a favor though? If I come to your house, can you hide the chips? Thanks! So I hope our challenge inspires your family to set up your own family challenge. What can you let go of? We wanted to make it somewhat of a harder challenge so we gave up things that would really test us...and it will test us! Let me know if you decide to take on a family challenge. It's fun and it's a family thing and, for us, it's a healthy challenge. Maybe you would like to give up biting your nails, maybe you'd like to exercise 5 days a week, maybe you'd like to give up tv for a year, like our friend's son did. Whatever your challenge is, I'd sure like to hear about it if you decide to do it! Oh, can I do this? I think's setting a good example for my kids and I may even end up impressing myself at the same time....always good for the self-confidence. Wish us luck!!...M