Friday, April 17, 2009

Ahhh...Spring Cleaning

Finally, the snow is almost gone and the air is warm and the windows are opened. I love spring. It's a time to refresh. It's a time to cleanse. It's a time to stretch. And it's a time to clean the house....okay, maybe I don't love that part. But...because I've been otherwise detained for most of the year so far, my house sure needed to be "cleansed". It sure doesn't take long for the piles to grow and the dust bunnies to multiply. As I was cleaning out closets and dusting all the ornaments, I wondered why I have all of this stuff....because most of it is just that...stuff. So I purged and, boy, did it feel good! I took the advice of the experts and only kept what gave me pleasure. Sure, there was a guilt factor there, especially when I decided to let go of gifts people have given me. I decided, however, that if I haven't used the item for a year or if it didn't give me pleasure to look at it, it went in the garage sale box or the donation bag for the church rummage sale. The funny thing is, once I started, the kids got into it as well. Their rooms have also been spring cleaned and you can actually walk around their whole rooms now...not just on the path from the door to the bed. Now if we could get the toddler and his daddy on board, our house would sparkle! Baby steps, I guess. There are still some piles in the basement due to the ongoing renovations down there...but, you know, it feels pretty good around here lately. The house has a refreshed sense to it and it's someplace I want to be in, instead of dreading being here due to the clutter and piles. We're kind of clean freaks now, my older children and I. We're watching for any misdemeanors...for those who forget to pick up after themselves. I think we all feel better in our house now and we want to keep it that way. I guess the idea that your house is a reflection of you is true. A cluttered house does indicate a cluttered mind. I'm feeling a bit less overwhelmed these days and so is my house....and my family. Spring cleaning not only cleanses the house, but it cleanses the spirit as well. Spring cleaning your spirit feels amazing. Now that my house is cleansed, it's time to do more cleansing of the spirit. More meditation, more walks outside, more laughter and more hugs...sounds like heaven to me!.....M